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Welcome to our online events platform. VirtualInput is a team of great professionals, audiovisual technicians, producers, set designers, lighting technicians, sound technicians and IT technicians who will accompany you in your online, on-site or hybrid event. We have extensive experience in the audiovisual sector and we have the best equipment to offer you the best solution for your events. For more information, you can request information using the contact form.


VirtualInput is an IGUALATECH SOLUTIONS SPECIALS MULTIMEDIA, S.L.  project, born from the collaboration of professionals and companies from different sectors in order to add knowledge and experience to offer different innovative audiovisual solutions, whether face-to-face, virtual or mixed.


Not only is it important to have a very good team, it is also very important to have the necessary tools.
We work with the best audio and video brands on the market, as well as computer equipment and the necessary software for each case.
It is important to note that, in the case of virtual or hybrid events, we work with advanced equipment and cloud platforms that guarantee the privacy of the content, in addition to the computer security that these events require


Our team has been forming and consolidating in parallel with the growth of the project, in addition to the fast evolution and change that the audiovisual sector has needed in recent times.
We have professionals with extensive experience in:


Our colleagues have 20 years of experience in this sector, from scriptwriting, casting, recording, production, post-production, etc. In live events, television, promotional videos, corporate or advertisements.


Our technicians, apart from a long professional career, have the experience of having worked in big events, television productions and theater.


The audiovisual sector has been moving towards digitization for a long time, so it is increasingly important to have the figure of the computer technician or telecommunications technician, even more so with the current needs of online events. That is why we have specialists in programming, telecommunications and everything related to the technology sector in the team.

Multimedia and 3D design

Having the support of professionals in the creation of content is increasingly important in this sector if you want to surprise or keep the viewer attentive. For this we have the support of our technical specialists in content creation.

Lighting and scenography

Last but not least, the specialists in creating a visual environment adapted to each event. They are able to visually enhance an event only with the use of good lighting, create a custom setting or mount a chroma capable of offering a surprising result. They also have many years of experience in the live entertainment sector, as well as preparing sets for filming.


Our website, basic in appearance, is a platform through which we can transport events online.

We customize a Landing Page for each event in which we can enable an event registration system to have registration and attendance statistics, to guarantee access control, and most importantly, to track attendance, number of attendees, time they have been connected … Respecting the privacy of the data to the maximum.

But the best thing of our platform is that we can enable a registration system in which attendees access the event, the chat and the desired tools without leaving the web and in the same window, making participation and attendance at the event as easy as possible. And in the case of remote speakers, not only do they access a special website, with more options, they also have the possibility of going live, seeing and participating in the chat or the rest of the tools, and most importantly, they can easily, take control of your PowerPoint presentation live from the web, without the need to install programs or access remote computers with complex connections.

More than a website, it is our tool to facilitate access, control and make something so complex a pleasant, simple and intuitive experience.