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Following in the line of the virtual stage, in this case we incorporate previously designed elements with previously agreed interactions, giving the possibility of staging props or elements that would be impossible or very expensive.





In the same type of virtual stage, we can add depth to the live, 3D camera movements around the stage, change of camera perspective and most importantly, virtual lighting that interacts with the stage and with the speakers or props.





Either in the client’s facilities, or a contracted space, we move our equipment and personnel to carry out the production and realization of the event, by using props, support and display screens, one or more cameras, microphones and adequate lighting.





In the same way that we move our material and our professionals where necessary on a real stage, in this case we also install a chroma adapted to the needs of the event with the necessary lighting. The stage, made in 3D, is launched in the production software and is customized for each client and event, and may also have real props. The speakers can see the result on the support monitor or monitors.